October 21, 2016


Since its inception in September 2011, the Foundation has touched over 5,000 lives (both individuals and families) through its programmes.

The hallmark is the smile Lesedi puts on faces after each of its programmes. Through the work of Lesedi, many people have been renewed in their thinking to improve upon themselves, helped to earn a living, gone back to school, undergoing skills training, among others. Below is a summary of some of the transforming stories:

Medical Outreach : Our medical outreach has afforded the deprived opportunity to know their HIV status, undergo tests such as Hepatitis B, malaria, Fasting Blood Sugar, eye, breast, Blood Pressure among others. Sometimes, free medication has been distributed to needing individuals. Many have testified of how they have benefited from the medical screening.

Education and Skills Training : Many students have been helped fully / partially in secondary and tertiary institutions. Three people (and counting) are undergoing skills training.

Electrical tools have been purchased for two beneficiaries to help them learn and eventually make a living.

A guitar has also been acquired for a totally visually impaired man to enable him learn and to enable him earn a living.

Accommodation :

 In 2014, the Foundation rented a room with a kitchen [for three years] for a homeless family of four. The couple was counselled to be able to raise money to renew the tenancy or be able to accommodate the family.


The One Portrait (TOP)

The Senior Correctional Centre

A visit to the Senior Correctional Centre (SCC) and subsequent weekly counselling sessions transformed the lives of some of the inmates.

The Foundation sponsored 3 boys; 2 to Accra Technical Training Centre(ATTC) and one to a Senior High School. The boys were also given a number of opportunities to enhance their skills and also integrate back into society.

Through a presentation made to the Rotary Club and a request to the Ghana Book Trust, the library at the Centre was enhanced and a box of books was provided respectively.

A discharged inmate was equipped with electrical tools to help earn a living. Thus far, information reaching the Foundation shows that this individual is doing well.

The work of the Foundation so affected the lives of the inmates that apart from the Management Team acknowledging the impact of the Lesedi’s work, a lead Officer remarked as follows:

“The work of Lesedi and particularly the scholarship they award has significantly transformed the boys. Each one is hoping to catch the eye of Lesedi for sponsorship.”

Lesedi met needs at several levels at the SCC and continues to have a relationship with the three boys.


Chosen Rehab Centre

Another touching TOP Programme was held for the inmates of Chosen Rehab Centre, located at Abofu, Achimota. Inmates undergoing rehabilitation [for drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and other social vices] went through the picture make-over and counselling. Free food, drinks, clothes and other households were given out and motivational speeches were given to encourage participants.

Save The Community:

TOP was organized as part of the activities under the ‘Save the Community Project’, to transform the lives of ‘The girls’ undergoing this programme. It was very touching to see the transformation in the three girls who aspired to be a nurse, a fashion designer and a lawyer.

Easter Fiesta:
Sekesua, Eastern Region : It was a touching moment when the Lesedi Foundation commissioned a room and patio it had built for Maame Maku Amanor at Sekesua in the Eastern Region on Saturday, 15 June 2013.

At its 2013 Easter Fiesta in March, the Lesedi Team came across an abandoned elderly blind and leprous widow who lived alone under an uncovered shed with palm fronts as her roof. The chair she sat on was her bed and she was almost always there alone.

After meeting needs at the village, the Foundation organised to build her a furnished room. Farming tools etc were given to her only surviving son to use and proceeds used for her upkeep.

Many lives were touched in a number of ways.

Afaben, Eastern Region :  Lesedi positively affected many lives through its Easter Fiesta also at Afaben (Adeiso Area) in 2014.

Masalachi, Tema : Lesedi, after the program in 2015, supported some members of the Community and currently sponsoring a young man through Senior Secondary School

Okra Kwadwo : Easter Fiesta at Okra Kwadwo in 2016 has established a lasting relationship between the Foundation and the village. Many lives have been positively affected. The children have been organised and Lesedi has launched ‘Save The Community’ Project and is helping all in diverse ways.


Golden Bells in the City / Countryside

The numerous GBiCs held at Agotor, Communities 5 and 2, Point Three and Okra Kwadwo, have been beneficial to many families and individuals. Apart from meeting medical needs, these programs brought joy through the provision of clothes and other households, counselling, food and drinks and entertainment. All are provided free of charge.

The Foundation has received numerous testimonies of how the Program brought focus to lives and for some people helped them to gain jobs, go back to school etc.


Family Matters Network

Family Matters Network has been immensely beneficial to target groups;

Marriage bonds have been strengthened as relationships have improved. Couples look forward to such programs.Widows, particularly needy widows, have been consoled and provided for during the Yuletide. 

Senior Singles (i.e. the unmarried) and single parents have received counseling [among others], been able to let go of bitterness, hurt, unforgiveness and the feeling of hopelessness. The sessions have brought hope, energy etc. to participants.

If I can do some good today,
If I can help in what I say,
If by my deeds Your love convey –
Dear Lord, just show me how.  Author – Brandt


Save The Community (STC) Project

Although very challenging, one of the girls is currently undergoing skills training etc. Two children born to two of the delinquent girls are being taken care of.

All Others

The many young boys and girls who Lesedi has sponsored to either go back to school (formal) or learn a trade, have had their lives transformed bringing hope to them, their families and generations after them.

In its short time of existence (i.e. 5 years), Lesedi has made significant impact in the lives of individuals and families. Some of the youth have gone back to school whilst others have been renewed in their thinking and poised to excel. The Foundation has provided scholarship for a number of needy young individuals to continue their education and undertaken other notable ventures to better the lives of the deprived in our society. Clearly Lesedi has had a positive effect on the quality of life of many and has brought hope and joy to hearts that were hitherto despondent.

Such transformation does not only affect the youth, but their families, generations after them and the nation as a whole. Lesedi is putting smiles on faces and truly making a difference in our generation.

If I can do some good today,
If I can help in what I say,
If by my deeds Your love convey –
Dear Lord, just show me how.

                                                                                                                                                                                            –  Brandt