September 16, 2016

About Us

The Lesedi Foundation is a faith-based non-profit organization set up to contribute to the positive transformation of the lives of the poor and less privileged in our society through charitable activities and other interactive engagements. In undertaking its activities, the Lesedi Foundation is looking forward to making a relatively small and local contribution to Ghana achieving Goal One and Two of the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – “Eliminating poverty and malnutrition by 2015” and beyond.

A myriad of challenges persistently confront diverse people in different ways and forms which threaten the livelihood of affected individuals and the cohesion of their families. Abject poverty is pushing people to live below acceptable standards both in the urban and rural areas. Increasingly large populations of our youth – in the hinterlands but increasingly also in the urban centres – apart from living in poverty, cannot look forward to any bright future. Considerable numbers of these unskilled youth migrate to nearby metropolitan cities in the hope of eking out a living. Unfortunately they are unable to secure a decent livelihood and also fall victim to various kinds of vices which are destructive to the individual, family, community and ultimately the nation.